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Published June 26, 2024 | Version 1.0.0
Dataset Open

Real-World Escape Route Models in IFC format



The published data are digital building models (BIM models) in the IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes).
The IFC models represent escape route models containing the geometry of escape routes and additional characteristics as properties. The models were generated from the escape route analysis results of a real-world test model by researchers from the TU Wien Research Unit Digital Building Process.

Context and methodology

  • The IFC models were generated by software prototypes developed with the programming languages Python (IfcOpenShell) and JavaScript (web-ifc). The required information is given by the attached JSON file including the model structure as well as coordinates and properties of the escape routes.
  • The escape route results were generated from a real-world test model for escape route analysis (see related works). 
  • The Real-World Escape Route Models correspond to the IFC4 and IFC4X3_ADD2 schema.

Technical details

  • The dataset includes five BIM models in the IFC format (.ifc) and one dataset in the JSON format.
  • The models can be used in any software that supports the IFC format.



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Additional details

Related works

Dataset: 10.48436/wzp90-dmf60 (DOI)