Published February 28, 2023 | Version 1.0.0
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Measurements of hydro-chemical parameters and selected trace contaminants in water samples within the Wulka river estuary and two littoral transects of Lake Neusiedl


The dataset contains the results of the chemical analyses carried out in water samples collected in three areas of the Lake Neusiedl (in the estuary of the main tributary Wulka and in two transects from the open lake to isolated sampling sites within the reed belt on the western and eastern shores) between October 2017 and September 2019 within the Interreg project REBEN.

The data set is composed of two data files containing:

  1. measurements for the traditional hydro-chemical parameters: general physico-chemical parameters (water temperature: WT, dissolved oxygen: DO, electric conductivity: EC, pH), main ions (calcium: Ca2+, magnesium: Mg2+, sodium: Na+, potassium: K+, chloride: Cl–, sulphate-sulphur: SO4-S), acid-neutralizing capacity (ANC), phosphorus (total: TP, dissolved: DP, soluble reactive: SRP, soluble unreactive: SUP, particulate: PP), nitrogen (total: TN, dissolved organic: DON, nitrate-nitrogen: NO3-N, nitrite-nitrogen: NO2-N, ammonium-nitrogen: NH4-N, particulate: PN), soluble reactive silica (SRSi), total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC),  suspended solids (particulate matter: PM, particulate inorganic matter: PIM, particulate organic matter: POM), and chlorophyll-a (Chl a);
  2. measurements for selected trace contaminants: metals (cadmium: Cd, copper: Cu, lead: Pb, mercury: Hg, nickel: Ni, zinc: Zn), two industrial organic chemicals (perfluorooctanoic acid: PFOA, CAS 335-67-1 and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid: PFOS, CAS 1763-23-1), the sweetener Acesulfame K (CAS 55589-62-3) and two pharmaceuticals (Carbamazepine, CAS 298-46-4 and Diclofenac, CAS 15307-86-5).

CSV-files use semicolon as field delimiter and comma as decimal separator.


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